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The fisheries sector is broadly represented in IJmond. In addition to the shipowners, storage sector, wholesalers & agents, restaurants & cafés, and the retail trade, research is also carried out in the fisheries sector in IJmond. The Dutch Institute for Fisheries Research (Dutch acronym: RIVO) has been based in IJmuiden for quite some time as part of the University of Wageningen. The RIVO makes significant contributions to the knowledge base available over fisheries in general in the form of biological, fisheries-related and bacteriological research and consulting. The many companies involved in the fisheries sector in IJmuiden eagerly make use of this knowledge base.  

The institute works together with various other players, including Solea BV, a company active in the field of aquaculture which is involved in developing methods for farming sole. This is an excellent and successful example of applied research carried out at and with the active cooperation of a specific company with a marketable product. 

An active and dynamic sector such as the market for fish is best served by a dynamic government body that can set out clear guidelines. The municipality of Velsen is an active partner for the privatised Seaport. Both these parties have the necessary in-house knowledge and expertise regarding the physical requirements of the harbour.
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