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Economic activity in IJmond: more than just fish!


The harbours, the fisheries, and the fishing industry form the most important pillars beneath the local economy. Together with related activities such as distribution, cold storage, offshore, short sea and passenger transport, these sectors provide the great majority of the jobs available.

The harbour-related and industrial companies present create a specific image of the municipality as being a port city, fisheries city and industrial city. The location of IJmuiden, and with it of IJmond, is characterised by its positioning on the North Sea coast, its serving as the gateway to the Amsterdam-North Sea Canal area, the company sites in the canal zone, the established commercial activities, the proximity of Mainport Schiphol and the harbours, with fisheries and the steel industry as dominant sectors. Strong points include accessibility, target market, suppliers, capital markets, the presence of business service providers, (residential) infrastructure, and the surrounding natural environment.

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