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IJmuiden is the centre of the pelagic trawler fishing sector. In this niche market, IJmuiden realises a turnover of 450 million euros.

Well-known shipowners such as Cornelis Vrolijk’s Visserijmaatschappij and Parlevliet & Van der Plas, operating from Ijmuiden, have become major players in the pelagic trawler fishing sector. They have also helped make IJmond - with its many leading trawler companies and cold storage facilities in IJmuiden and Velsen-Noord - the largest trading and distribution hub for pelagic fish in northwest Europe.

In addition, the two largest companies providing storage and distribution services for frozen fish in the Netherlands are based in the municipality of Velsen: Kloosterboer in IJmuiden and Daalimpex in Velsen-Noord. The large amounts of storage capacity and the presence of flexible transshipment facilities have helped these companies exploit other trading routes (including Scandinavia) as well. The end result: IJmuiden/Velsen has developed into one of the most important distribution hubs for frozen fish in the world.

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