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IJmond, the European hub and seaport for fish!

Most people know that Aalsmeer is the flower capital of the Netherlands and Western Europe; what fewer people know is that IJmond is the fish capital of the Netherlands and Western Europe. Due to its unique position in Western Europe, on the sea and close to Mainport Schiphol (Amsterdam Airport), and the historic role of the Netherlands as a leading player in the fishing industry, IJmond functions as a central hub for the fishing trade in Western Europe. And this applies not only to fresh fish from nearby seas but also on a global scale. Freight loads from every continent in the world are transhipped, processed, imported and exported in IJmond.


This clustering of activities results in many kinds of spin-off, including a range of first-class fish restaurants and fish shops in IJmond. All these activities are mapped out on this website, with the aim of publicising the role of IJmond in the fishing industry and serving as a search engine covering the many specific companies in the fishing sector based in IJmond.

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